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i love this so much omg


never thought about tucking a sweater into a skirt; good idea!

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if i wasn’t Nigerian i would want to be Jamaican, 

Jamaican food is yooo… oxtails, beef patties! nom nom nom nom !!! 

but i still cant live without my jellof.

For breakfast today, I was craving egg salad and crackers along with my daily morning granola that I usually have. I almost reached for the buttery, high fat, high calorie crackers we had in the pantry, when I remembered — I had a large cucumber that I had bought fresh at the market the other day waiting for me in the refrigerator! So I made my egg salad and cut the cucumber into 1/4 inch thick coins, scooped some of the egg salad onto one of the coins and popped it into my mouth… HEAVEN.

At the end of that meal, I didn’t even feel like I’d missed out on anything by choosing the cucumber slices over the crackers. I can use these with egg salad, bean dip, hummus, ranch sauce…really, any dip or spread that requires something to scoop it up. And guess what? Cucumbers are ZERO points on the Weight Watchers PointsPlus program. WIN!

So remember — when you reach for those crackers or chips laden with fat and calories waiting to sink their teeth into your thighs and make your arms flabby and your butt sag — give yourself a SLAP on the wrist and reach for the cucumber instead! You’ll thank yourself for it later.

People who say “the customer is always right” have clearly never had a conversation with the customer.

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I just had to share.

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This post speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Dear Antonio

A little about me:

My name is Kali
I’m 21 years old
I’m of African, Native American (Choctaw), and Creole (French/Native American) descent
I live in California (but I’ve traveled many other places in the US — never been outside of the US other than Mexico. I really want to travel the world one day)
I’m a mom to a wonderful little girl named Amalia
I want to go to medical school and become an Emergency Medicine physician
I’m obsessed with Scandinavian culture
I love music, it is art. I can find a song in any genre that I like
I love eating healthy and exercising — I keep a fitspo blog
Other things I love: Gardening, playing the piano, cooking, anything and everything outdoors

There’s more stuff about me you could know, but if you want to know you can ask me :)

I don’t mind if you don’t speak English well, you can practice your English with me.

Any takers? Message me! And tell me a bit about yourself.



Shout out to those people who have been dead set on a career their whole lives and then realize that it isn’t what they thought it was once they hit college and now have no time to find out what the fuck they actually want to do

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